Check configuration reference

    "type": "http",
    "description": "IWA-AIT check",
    "results_cache_time": 300,
    "input": {
        "url": "",
        "expect_keyword": "iwa",
        "not_expect_keyword": "Server error"
    "hooks": {
        "on_each_up": [
            "rm -f /var/www/maintenance.html"
        "on_each_down": [
            "echo \"Site under maintenance\" > /var/www/maintenance.html"
    "quiet_periods": [
        {"starts": "30 00 * * *", "duration": 60}


Name of the binary/script file placed in the “checks” directory. At first will look at path specified by “–directory” CLI parameter, then will fallback to Infracheck internal check library.

Example values:

  • disk-space
  • load-average
  • http


Optional text field, there can be left a note for other administrators to exchange knowledge in a quick way in case of a failure.


How long the check result should be kept in cache (in seconds)


Parameters passed to the binary/script file (chosen in “type” field). Case insensitive, everything is converted to UPPERCASE and passed as environment variables.

Notice: Environment variables and internal variables can be injected using templating feature - check Templating


(Optional) Execute shell commands on given events.

  • on_each_up: Everytime the check is OK
  • on_each_down: Everytime the check is FAILING


(Optional) Defines time, when the check results should be ignored. For example setting “30 00 * * *” and 60m duration will result in ignoring check failure at 00:30 everyday for 60 minutes - till 01:30